Henry Miles in action (Cncept art for Half-Life Black Mesa)



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List: BM Incident

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Henry Miles

Last seen: 2003, Black Mesa

Reason missing: KIA


Henry was being sent to Black Mesa. The one thing he thought after the mission breifing was: Damn, I hear this place is huge! But, orders are orders. "So, you ever been here before?" he asked the HECU grunt, whom had been sitting beside him in the carrier.

"Nah, but I ain't so sure I'm excited."

Henry was puzzled. "Why not?"

"Cause this time I hear we goin' to fight aliens." Henry snorted. What idiot would believe in aliens, or freaky shit like that?

Suddenly, through the carrier doors, Henry saw a sort of weird brown Stingray flying by."What the fu-"

The carrier flew downwards, and henry heard a sort of smash and blacked out. He woke up coughing, with smoke all around him. "Hello? Anybody?" he called out. No answer. He heard a...? Zap? A green orb appeared, and something came out. Instantly, it closed again. The thing that popped out was a skin colored, four legged, crab like thing. It started coming toward him, and he reached for the silenced pistol he kiept in his holster. Instantly, it lept at him and he shot it. He heard another, but couldn't see it in the smoke. He noticed it but too late. It lept at him and-

Report Terminated