This is my story based in the Half Life universe.

This might contain strong language may not suitable for younger audience's.

Part 1Edit

Mars, April 5th, 2141

Freeman is time traveled thanks to the Vortogants to save Mars due to the Combine invading a city and taking valuable resources. (Yes Vortogants can tell what is going to happen in the future.)

Overwatch Elite: Get on your knee's bitch!

Citizen: OK please don't kill me!

Overwatch Elite: I'm going to give you 5 seconds exactly 5 FUCKING seconds to tell me why you were inside the Compound!

Citizen: I was trying to help the Rebels by finding the Plans for the Combine Battleship!

Overwatch Elite: You are going to be killed in 5...4...

Citizen: Oh god Oh god Oh god!

Overwatch Elite: 3...2...1

The Citizen grabs the Pulse Rifle away from the Elite shoots the Combine in the stomach 10 times. The Citizen walks away.

Overwatch Elite: That Bastard shot me. Find him and kill him!

This could be finished if I have time.

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